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Why Early Tax Returns Matter: A Guide for Start-up, Sole Traders, and Partnerships

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Got a Self Assessment tax return for 2022/23? The deadline is 31 January 2024, but there’s no need to wait! HMRC suggests getting it done sooner, and we at Hamollisons Bookkeeping Services couldn’t agree more. Especially for start-ups, sole traders, and partnerships, getting this task sorted early can bring big benefits! So, why consider filing early?

Get Your Money Back, Quick!

Think you’ve paid too much tax? File early, and any money you’re owed can be in your bank account way before January 2024. It’s your hard-earned cash; let’s not let it sit with HMRC any longer than it needs to!

Stress-free Budgeting

Knowing what you owe well in advance helps in planning your budget better. For all the solo business owners and partnerships out there, this means more time to sort out your funds and avoid any last-minute money woes. Plus, early filing helps in setting up hassle-free payment plans if you find you owe more than expected.

Flexible Payment Plans

Struggling with tax bills? Knowing what you owe earlier means you can work out a plan to pay in manageable chunks. At Hamollisons, we’re here to help our clients set up these plans, making sure tax bills don’t become overwhelming.

Easy Access to Help

The closer it gets to January, the busier HMRC helplines become. Filing your return early means getting the help you need when you need it, without the long wait times. We are always here to offer a helping hand to make your tax journey smooth and simple.

Peace and Quiet

There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tax return is sorted. Avoid the January rush and the risk of a £100 late fee by ticking this off your to-do list early.

Hamollisons Bookkeeping Services: Your Partner in Success

We specialise in assisting startups, sole traders, and partnerships in navigating their financial journeys. We’re all about making your tax and bookkeeping experience stress-free, precise, and personalised to your unique needs.

Stay Connected!

For more handy tips, updates, and advice on managing your finances, follow Hamollisons Bookkeeping Services on social media! Stay informed and make your financial journey smoother and more profitable. You can find us on:

Whether you are a start-up, a sole trader, or a partnership, let’s navigate the financial landscape together and foster your business’s growth. See you there!

Ready to clear your doubts and sort out your tax return? Get in touch with us today at or mobile at 07846 463 952, and let’s start making your financial journey a breeze!

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