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The Top Bookkeeping Mistakes Start-ups Make and How to Avoid Them

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Starting a new business? That's exciting! But amidst the rush of setting things up, there's one area many overlook: bookkeeping. Keeping track of money in and money out might sound easy, but without the right approach, it can get messy, quick. Here's a straightforward guide on common mistakes and how to dodge them.

1. The 'Mix-and-Match' Approach to Personal and Business Finances What's the deal? Some new business owners use their personal bank accounts for their business dealings. They think, "I'll sort it out later." But, later often comes with complications. Why is it a problem? You could face tricky tax situations, miss out on tax benefits, and not have a clear picture of how your business is actually doing. Quick Fix: Open a business-only bank account as soon as you can. Have special cards just for business-related buys.

2. The 'I'll Check It Later' Mindset Towards Regular Account Checks What's the deal? Many are so busy that they forget to compare their books with their actual bank statements. Why is it a problem? Small mistakes can snowball into big headaches. You might miss fraud or spend money you don't have. Quick Fix: Make it a monthly ritual. Set an alarm or a reminder. And if you can, use a simple bookkeeping software that connects with your bank.

3. The 'It's On My Computer, It's Safe' Belief What's the deal? Some think that once data is saved on a computer, it's safe forever. Why is it a problem? Computers can crash, or hackers might find their way in. Losing all your financial info? Ouch. Quick Fix: Back up your data regularly. Think of it as making photocopies of your important papers. And use online places (called 'the cloud') to save an extra copy.

4. The 'Tiny Expenses, Tiny Problems' Assumption What's the deal? A coffee here, some stationery there - small spends often go unrecorded. Why is it a problem? Many little spends can add up to a big hole in your pocket. You could also end up with a tax mess. Quick Fix: Note down every spend, no matter how small. Some handy apps can help with this.

5. The 'I Can Handle It All' Confidence Without Learning What's the deal? Some dive into bookkeeping thinking it's just numbers and lists. Why is it a problem? Wrong entries or missed records can lead to a messy financial situation, and you might lose out on money-saving opportunities. Quick Fix: If you want to do it yourself, that's great! Just spend a bit of time learning the basics. Or consider getting a bookkeeping expert to guide you.

Starting a business is like embarking on an adventure. While it's okay to take risks in business strategies, your finances should be on solid ground. Being aware of these pitfalls will keep your start-up sailing smoothly. And remember, it's never too early to get things right with your money.

Need a bookkeeper to manage your business finances? Reach out to us today and let's pave the way for your start-up's financial success.

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